Start-Up or Early Stage Company?

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an engineering consulting company. Whether we are the right consulting company for you depends on YOUR philosophy.

We offer our services based on the premise that you desire to develop your technology in-house and realize the need for outside expertise to accelerate and mature your technology.

What is Our Philosophy?

We distilled our experience in the start-up arena into the Triad Approach for Tech Start-Ups:


Technical Marketing: The need to communicate clearly why your technology is compelling.

Engineering Know-How: The need to prove that your approach is unique and will work.

Development Strategy: The need to define a path to a product with market acceptance.

The Triad Approach with its three intersecting core areas provides a framework that helps communicate and then implement the technology. The goal of Next Step Engineering Solutions is to strengthen the core areas of your company by injecting our skills and expertise as required. For more information on this approach please request our free white paper.

What Qualifies Us to Work With Start-Up Companies?

We are passionate about start-up and early-stage companies because we have been there ourselves and understand that your needs are constantly evolving.

Based on our collective experience across multiple industries, one of our key strengths is to recognize both synergies and differentiators for your technology and will suggest precisely targeted measures to improve your chance for success.

We have done 1-month projects all the way up to 5-year projects and can adapt to your particular needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve difficult technical problems that others shy away from while not losing track of the big picture.

Our goal is to empower your technology and propel it to the next level. If you feel that it is time to take the Next Step, please contact us and schedule a meeting to determine how we could help!

Our Mission

We assist start-up and early-stage tech companies with technology validation, technical development strategies, IP development and technical marketing. We also provide engineering services in disciplines such as mechanical engineering, scientific software development, hardware testing and technical project management.

Our Advantages

Our first-hand experience in the start-up environment gives us a thorough understanding of your special needs, your constraints and what it takes to be successful. We have expertise in a broad range of technologies and can bring additional experience to bear if required.