About Us

As Michael Wahl, the founder, recounts “Back in April 2012, when I first embarked on this consulting adventure after having spent 18 years in the corporate world, the intent was to simply test the waters of engineering consulting. Surprisingly, an opportunity presented itself and this first ‘gig’ extended to a full 15 months. In the process, I came to appreciate the idea of solving difficult technical challenges without the many distractions that tend to form a major part of corporate life. After a variety of assignments, I decided to take the next step… I founded Next Step Engineering Solutions, LLC (NSES) in August 2015 to formalize the business aspect of the consulting business. Since the beginning, the goal of NSES has been to cater to tech start-ups and early-stage companies and help them mature in both their technical and organizational development. In one particular instance, the collaboration with a customer began with weekly meetings in a coffee shop and eventually resulted in a major government grant and their own lab facility.”

Besides technical know-how, we collectively bring a lot of personal start-up experience to the table that allows us to better understand the special needs of a start-up and the ways of how to best contribute at any particular stage of development. We also have experience with government projects (see here) and can assist with both the application process, project planning and execution.

A brief description of how we go about starting a new customer project can be found here.

“Small teams can be potent, particularly if they function well as a team.”