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You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an engineering consulting company. Whether we are the right consulting company for you depends on your specific needs and your philosophy. Some companies require a quick infusion of expertise, others need additional resources to stay on schedule. We can help you with that, but there is much more we can do…

What makes us different from other consulting companies?

What distinguishes us from other consultancies is our approach of combining state-of-the-art analytical capabilities with decades of interdisciplinary and hands-on engineering expertise. We pride ourselves in having a long track record of tackling and solving difficult problems others tend to shy away from.

Based on our collective experience across multiple industries, one of our key strengths is to recognize both synergies and differentiators for your technology that allows us to suggest solutions that have a high likelihood of success. We believe that even the most creative and daring approach must always be anchored in sound physical principles in order to be successful.

We have done 1-month projects all the way up to 5-year projects and can adapt to your particular needs. It is important to us that after our involvement, your company is in a better position for carrying on the R&D work for your technology. If that means bringing a process or analysis in-house, we will help you with that, too. Our goal is to empower your technology so you can reach the next level.

If  you feel that it is time to take the Next Step, please contact us and schedule a meeting to determine how we could help!