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How We Start a New Project

If this website has piqued your interest (and we hope it did!), please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the initial contact, we prefer a phone call or web-meeting with the objective to understand your needs well enough to assess whether we can help. Although we have a broad science and engineering background, we will not accept assignments that are completely outside our area of expertise. Reason being, we are very invested in being successful in each and every assignment since satisfied customers are the life blood of every consulting company including ours.

After the initial phone call or web-meeting, we can sign an NDA if desired. Also, some customers prefer an on-site visit before proceeding to the next stage. At NSES we offer an on-site visit free of charge as long as the customer covers travel expenses. We are located in the San Diego area

and have had meetings in locations as far away as the East Coast.

We typically supply a proposal and, if desired, work with the customer on a SOW that can become the basis of a consulting contract.

Ways to Get In Touch

Next Step Engineering Solutions LLC

Bonita, CA, United States


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